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What is involved?

Asthma Care is a six to eight hour breathing program presented over three to four weeks depending on where you attend. Asthma Care workshops consist of teaching the Buteyko breathing method, five 45 minute supervised breathing exercise sessions and discussion. As part of the Asthma Care program, attendees receive an extensive training manual and avail of twelve month support by Email or telephone to ensure they become proficient in application of therapy. All persons attending are provided with the ability to control their own asthma symptoms naturally.

To experience benefits, it is important that breathing exercises are practiced twice per day for a minimum of four weeks and to adhere to small lifestyle changes which are conducive to promoting good health. This will result in a substantial alleviation of asthma symptoms and improved fitness level. Lifestyle changes and breathing exercises cause minimum disruption to normal day to day activities. Resultant improvement provides the necessary motivation for continuance.

About breathing exercises

Asthma in Ireland is on the increase. Over 470,000 people alone suffer from asthma. Therefore, the Buteyko breathing method can significantly influence the number of asthmatics while providing safe and effective asthma care and asthma support.

  1. Patients are helped to change from mouth to nasal breathing as a permanent activity
  2. Patients are helped reverse their hidden hyperventilation to bring their level of breathing to normal
  3. Patients are taught how to monitor their breathing level and asthma and also to determine in advance the onset of symptoms
  4. Patients are taught about all factors relevant to their asthma including simple life changes which are conducive to good health.


Does Asthma Care program work for all asthmatics?

Asthma Care program is a very effective therapy for all asthmatics. The only drawback is that commitment to doing exercises is required for the first number of weeks. Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method as offered by Asthma Care has been scientifically evaluated in Russia, Australia, Canada and Egypt to be effective for all asthmatics resulting in a 90% decrease in reliever medication and 49% decrease in steroids. To date the vast majority of patients who have practiced exercises have reported considerable progress and reduction of medication from attending Asthma Care. It is Asthma Care's policy to work with each patient until they can correctly apply this therapy.


What is Asthma Care's refund guarantee?

Asthma Care's guarantee is that if, one month after attending our clinic, you do not experience a substantial improvement in your condition, you may attend a follow-up workshop at no extra charge. If, after attending this follow-up workshop and practicing the breathing exercises for one month, you have not experienced a substantial improvement in your condition, you will receive a full refund on the cost of the program.


Are the results of this therapy permanent?

Significant reduction of asthma attacks and ability to control asthma symptoms is permanent. Once a patient has reached a control pause of forty seconds for six months, their symptoms will not return. Occasionally, mild symptoms will return but this is reversed very quickly by focusing on breathing.


Are Exercises difficult?

Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method as taught according to the correct and original Russian model are to be performed within comfortable limits. Breathing exercises are simple and easily understood. Special exercises are taught to young children.


What about my Doctor?

Inform your doctor of what you are doing so that they will be able to monitor your progress. Some doctors may be unaware of Asthma Care program and Buteyko Clinic, therefore I will be pleased to discuss, explain or send appropriate literature upon request. Asthma Care therapy will achieve greater awareness through my ongoing correspondence with respiratory consultants and GPs. It is hoped that as more doctors become aware of research and trial data they will join the growing numbers of doctors who endorse and recommend this drug-free method.


What about sports and fitness while learning Buteyko?

Asthma Care provide correct training procedure for people with asthma which will result in greater fitness levels and minimum risk to condition. Hundreds of amateur and professional sport participants have attended Asthma Care since 2002.


Is there any equipment or additional medicine involved?

No. Asthma Care clinics teach people how to take control of their condition naturally. As part of dietary requirements, studies concluding a deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins amongst asthmatics are discussed. Patients must continue to take their preventative medication as prescribed and take reliever medication only when necessary.


Can it be dangerous?

Asthma Care program is completely safe when practiced correctly and patients continue to take their preventer medication until advised by their GP to change. It is our policy to work with each patient they have a very good understanding and are able to apply method correctly.


How long does it take to recondition the breathing?

This depends on age and severity of condition of patient. The greater the amount of practice and willingness of patients, the quicker breathing is reconditioned to normal levels. Most people experience improvements within the first few days of the workshop - eg. reduced symptoms, improved sleep, reduced mucus, improved digestion, better energy levels - and usually reduction of the need for relief medication. More profound systemic improvements occur over time.


What are conditions of Asthma Care?

Patients to Asthma Care must remain on their prescribed medication. After a number of weeks application of program and upon substantial improvement in symptoms, patients attend their doctor to have a medical assessment and review of medication. Each patient to Asthma Care sign a contract stating that they will not change or alter their medication without prior consultation and recommendation by a medical doctor. Asthma Care is available to all persons over five years as exercises and guidelines are easy to follow and apply. All patients under eighteen years must be accompanied free of charge by a parent or guardian.


What is the cost of Asthma Care program?

The cost of the program is Eur 275. This includes attendance to workshops, extensive training manual and twelve month follow up support by Email or telephone. For our children's workshops, in the event that more than one child is attending from the same family, the cost for the first child is Eur200 and remaining children at the reduced rate of Eur100.


Where is Asthma Care program available?

Asthma Care program is available in Dublin, Cork, Galway. For further information regarding clinics, please Email or call our Freephone Ireland: 1800 931 935 or Intl. + 353 91 756229


How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 12 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.

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