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Buteyko Skype

What Causes asthma?

Buteyko Method - Asthma Care

How to control an Asthma Attack

Buteyko Method - Asthma Care

How to measure the control pause?


What does the Buteyko Skype program entail?


Results to expect for asthma within three to six months


Conditions which Patrick can help to significantly reduce:

Any condition related to chronic overbreathing such as asthma, emphysema, sarcoidosis, allergies, rhinitis, snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, high blood pressure, heart complaints, fatigue, brain fog, poor concentration, racing mind and more.


What is taught:

Patrick will provide you with tailored instruction of how to apply the Buteyko Method. Ask Patrick any questions that you may have and receive instant feedback and guidance to achieve maximum results.
What is taught 

Testimonials, Clinical trials & News coverage

Asthma Clinical Studies 
News coverage  


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How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 12 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.


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