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Results to Expect

On average persons who practice exercises will experience a substantial improvement of their asthma within five weeks and a two third reduction of medication within an eight month period.

The older the person and the greater the severity of condition; the more time necessary to normalise breathing and safely reduce medication.

Results are based on both reported verbal feedback and scientific trials. (Medication may be reduced only by consensus of a medical doctor)

What does Correction of Breathing entail?

  • Becoming more aware of breathing
  • Learning a simple and very effective way to unblock nose
  • Switching to nasal breathing permanently
  • Reducing the volume of air inhaled to correct levels on a permanent basis
  • Simple life style changes to reverse overbreathing

Summary of what causes asthma

    Click to download pdf presentation with numerous medical papers explaining what causes asthma.

  • Normal breathing volume is 4 to 6 litres of air per minute
  • Breathing volume for asthma is two to three times normal breathing volume
  • Overbreathing is recognised by mouth breathing, regular sighs, upper chest breathing, audible breathing, visible breathing movements uring rest
  • It is very common for asthmatics to breathe through their mouth
  • Breathing through the mouth causes asthma airways to constrict
  • In addition, overbreathing "washes out" carbon dioxide from the lungs, blood, tissues and cells
  • This leads to hypocapnia
  • Hypocapnia causes airways to constrict
  • The above presentation includes fifteen medical papers linking hypocapnia to airway constriction
  • Overbreathing also causes a cooling and dehydration of the airways. This contributes to airway obstruction
  • Practical examples of overbreathing causing asthma are; laughter, exercise, stress and talking
  • Practical examples of "underbreathing" opening up the airways are swimming in non chlorinated water
  • Results of six clinical trials investigating the Buteyko Method for asthma conclude an average of 72% less coughing and wheezing, 90% less need for reliver medication, 50% less need for preventer steroid medication within three to six months.

How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 12 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.