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Due to time constraints and travel, Patrick McKeown is unable to provide online skype consultations.

  • Four by 40 minute consultations with Patrick McKeown by Skype
  • Immediate download of instruction manual
  • Download online DVD to view before practical Skype sessions
  • Cost of entire program: 225 Euro

Get Started

  • Make payment through Paypal below of 225 Euro
  • Receive immediate download of instruction manual
  • Patrick McKeown will contact you by Email and arrange date and time for first consultation
  • Email Support: click here to Email Patrick directly with your queries

What is taught:

Patrick will provide you with tailored instruction of how to apply the Buteyko Method. Ask Patrick any questions that you may have and receive instant feedback and guidance to achieve maximum results.

Dr Mercola Buteyko
interview, Clinical trials & News coverage

Dr Mercola Buteyko Interview

How do we teach it?

The classes are taught to small groups of no more than 10 people. This enables sharing of information,experiences, support and individual tuition.

First day: Each person is taught the basics of the program

Second day (second week): More in-depth teaching and review of progress

Third day (third week): Completion of training.